At Scott Realtime Reporting, We See an Increasing Need For Transcription Services

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921482_592645294081903_1738584634_o (1)Though one of the most important and innovative services that we provide here at Scott Realtime Reporting is our CART captioning services, this does not mean that the more traditional service of transcription has fallen by the wayside. In fact, we believe there is a greater demand for transcription than ever before. We maintain relationships with an assortment of companies and individuals who still use our transcription services, and we can help you or your company with any transcription needs you may have.


Who uses transcription services?


The types of companies and individuals who rely on transcription services—or whose lives could be made drastically easier by a turn to transcription—are innumerable. College and universities consist of all sorts of researchers, departments, projects, etc. whose work could be made significantly easier and more efficient with thorough transcription services.


Similarly, attorneys, authors, bloggers, consultants, researchers, court reporting agencies and so many others can and do find their lives and their work made simpler by a reliance on transcription.


Why do you need transcription services?


The individuals listed above, along with so many others in the 21st century, rely on media sources, particularly audio and video sources, for their work and their research. Transcription services such as those offered by Scott Realtime Reporting can significantly ease your workload by quickly and efficiently translating these items into text. This text can be for public distribution, but it can also be for personal use, notes to build your work off of.


Not only do we now live in an era where information is coming at us in more forms than ever before, but it is also an era where we are all busier than ever before, and there is no use wasting your time on arduous tasks like transcription when there is a much simpler solution at your fingertips.


Scott Realtime Reporting can help you balance your time and needs in this fast-paced world by quickly translating the information you need into the form that you need it in—saving you valuable time that could be spent getting on with other aspects of your work, and assuring you a quality product that will allow you to produce the best work possible.


There is no reason to waste your own time doing something that we can do quickly, thoroughly and efficiently. Contact Scott Realtime Reporting today to learn how our captioning services can make your life easier.