What We Need From You To Get Started On A Transcription Project

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download (1)Having Scott Realtime complete your transcription project can save you time. While we are working on your project, you could be getting on with other tasks which you are more proficient at.

We pride ourselves on our high standard of work delivered in a timely manner. To support us with this, we have a set of processes in place, which are simple and easy for you to follow.

Loading Up The Files

Firstly we would need you to upload the audio files directly to a shared DropBox folder. The folder is only accessible between us and you – so you can be rest assured no-one else can gain access to your vital information.

Popular formats to upload the audio are mp3 or .wav.

If you don’t already have access to DropBox you can sign up for free at their website www.dropbox.com.

They have a simple app which can also sit on your desktop or mobile device giving you ease of access to the folder. This can also be useful if the audio was recorded on a mobile device as you can save time by directly uploading it from the device.

Our Work

We then take the file, and using a stenography machine, complete the transcription. The stenography machine is a device which gives us the ability to turn around work at speed while still maintaining our high standards of quality.

Returning the Documents

Once the work has been completed we can either email the document to you or we can upload the document back to the shared DropBox folder.

DropBox will inform you almost instantly when changes to the folder, such as a new document, have been made. So you don’t have to keep checking the folder constantly.

We can return the documents to you in either a PDF or Word format, whichever you would prefer.

Our processes give quality results in next to no time, giving you the freedom to move on quickly with your next task and therefore support your business in its efficiency.

Contact Scott Realtime Reporting today to discover how we can help make your life easier.