Is Your Live Online Streaming Event Losing Viewers By Not Having Captioning?

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In today’s world of ever-increasing technological advances, more and more happens online.

Between checking email or Facebook, following the news, doing research, listening to music, streaming video or doing any number of other things, people spend a great deal of their time on the Internet.

So if you are trying to attract people’s attention online, whether to advance your business goals or for any other purpose, you want to make sure you are utilizing the Internet in the best way possible.

On this note, one thing to consider is the use of captioning for any online streaming event that you might be hosting. There are a significant number of people in the United States who are deaf or hard-of-hearing (some estimates put the number at as much as 15% of the country’s population), who benefit immensely from the addition of captioning to any live streaming event.

Online videos are now so popular that they dominate the way in which people take in information. That means that those individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing may significantly miss out if online videos or live streaming events do not adjust their content in such a way as to make it accessible to all audiences.

In fact, this is such a significant problem that the United States has several laws regarding online captioning and online video accessibility—but their guidelines aren’t entirely clear, leaving much room for ambiguity in terms of what they actually require. These laws have received negative feedback from many people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, claiming that these laws don’t do nearly enough to make the Internet and its content more accessible to them.

And so even if you are in line with the letter of the law as your put together your own live streaming event online, when one thinks of all the people who might benefit from the inclusion of captioning, it only makes to err on the side of caution, adding the captioning and opening your event to all sorts of new potential viewers.

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