Getting To Know Tasha Scott of Scott Realtime Reporting

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Tasha M Scott

Tasha M. Scott is the president of Scott Realtime and getting to know her is like getting to know the company.

For Tasha, there is a lot of enjoyment to be had from her work and she really enjoys doing the CART/Captioning assignments she has come into the business. In addition to this, Tasha is qualified at transcription.

Her realtime career began when she was 30 after she had graduated from the Prince Institute of Professional Studies in Montgomery, AL. It took just three years to the complete the course and she pushed herself so she could start her career.

One of the challenges she experienced at Prince Institute was maintaining a positive attitude no matter what. Tasha was determined to make the best she could of the course and feels it gave her a solid foundation to embark on her career.

She admits that when she first went to the Prince Institute she found it difficult to work on the steno machine. However, with a lot of practice and a good mindset she was able to improve her skill and is now very capable and confident on it.

She did so well on the course that they send client referrals and jobs to her even to this day. If anyone was to ask her whether she would recommend it, she would not hesitate to say yes.

Outside of her work, Tasha likes to spend time with her husband and her daughter. The flexibility of her work and its timing during the school and university day allow her to frequently find quality time to spend with her family.

There is nothing she regrets with her career and Tasha looks forward to helping clients with their needs. More importantly, Tasha feels strongly about mentoring others in her