CART and Panopto – A great combination for Distance Education Students

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For years Scott Realtime Reporting has been providing captioning and Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services that make conferences, classrooms, meetings of all kinds, and pretty much any other gathering you can imagine, so much more accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Our deaf and hard-of-hearing students are not the only ones who learn from the colleges and universities that unite us.  When our clients (in this case, colleges and universities) decide to explore new territories in technology, we have to be right there with them.  With a system called Panopto, our clients are creating new opportunities for distance learning that allow us to see a live video stream of the classroom environment, with audio while providing quality remote CART services.

What is Panopto?
Founded at Carnegie Mellon University in 2007, Panopto allows professors to record their lectures easily, while students can watch them from any location, on any device and at any time. With multiple cameras, any lecture or classroom experience can be recorded and transmitted in full to students all over, and the students in turn can participate in the experience by recording their own assignments.

In addition to pre-recorded lectures, Panopto offers live, streaming audio and video feeds, meaning that no matter where you are, you need never miss out on a lecture. This sort of technology has proven incredibly convenient for both distance learners and on-site students, enabling them to be active participants in their own education, no matter where they are.

We can provide not just audio and video, but captioning as well.

With the addition of remote CART during a live session, we can ensure that nobody misses out on the incredible ease of education that comes with new technologies such as those provided by Panopto, especially deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Distance education is certainly not something that ought to be restricted to those who do not have difficulty hearing the lecture. In fact, education in all forms is something that every single person has a righto to.

With live streaming video, audio, and remote CART, distance education has undoubtedly never been so easy. In fact, education in general has never been so accessible, and our services ensure that anybody who wants to is able to take advantage of these amazing new opportunities that such advances in technology allow us.

Who does this help?
For students, teachers and administrators alike, this technology is not something to be ignored. It can increase incomparably the ease of access to education, not only for those individuals who are deaf and hard-of-hearing but in fact for all students who are looking to make the most of their education.

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