5 Reasons to Use CART Services in the Classroom

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CART Services
How does CART work? A steno machine, laptop computer, and realtime software is used to create an instant speech to text translation onto a computer screen. This service is a great aide for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing, especially in the education setting. Here are five great benefits:

·  Equal opportunity access to information

·  Access to transcript of class notes within 24 hours or less

·  Independent Learning

·  Full Participation during class discussions

·  Better Learning Environment

CART services can be used in any setting which enables flexibility in audience size and in location.  The verbatim recording of the material allows for students to become more independent because they are not relying on another’s interpretation of the class. Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is CART services provides equal learning opportunities to students that are deaf or hearing impaired.

SRR has used CART services in many educational settings, including but not limited to: Class lectures, graduations, seminars, meetings, et cetera. For more information about CART services or SRR, please visit the SRR website and follow SRR onFacebook and Twitter.